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North Shore Beaches

Long Island's North Shore region spans from Nassau County into Suffolk County. It is interwoven with fabulous beaches and many historic sites, memorials and mansions. This scenic coastal area was, at one time, home to many of America's wealthiest families. Today, the wealth has spread across the nation, though Long Island's North Shore is still rich in beauty, tradition, history, and good old family fun. The public beaches of the North Shore tend to span smaller areas, giving each one its own sense of intimacy and distinct character. Many of them feature clean, white sand, while a few tout an air of capriciousness, being characterized by rocky summits and determined waves that crash upon them. The beaches of the North Shore are exhilarating, and each one remains a fun place to go for family outings, festive gatherings, and general beach activities such as swimming, fishing, scuba-diving, and water skiing. When you earn a break from the water, the North Shore features a lot of historic and scenic tours with a great deal of flexibility to build your own custom itinerary of the sites. The North Shore will feed every desire you have to shop, eat, rest, bask in the sun, play in the water and soak up history.

This page provides information about beaches located in the Town of NorthShore. Some of these locations are Town-Run Beaches, while others are NYS Parks - please be sure to check each listing for details before visiting hitting the waves!

Beaches on the North Shore of Long Island, New York
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